Thursday, July 17, 2014

Philippians Chapter Two

Philippians 2 (ESV)

Philippians 2 starts out with a little about why I titled this blog the way I did.  He says that we should put others before ourselves.  This little point made it into the title of my blog!  I feel like it's really important even though sometimes I find it hard to do.  However, we need to make our best effort to be selfless.  Jesus was completely selfless when he made the ultimate sacrifice and died for you and me on the cross.  He didn't want to die, but He knew it was God's will (Matthew 26:39).  Now that is powerful.  It makes our small sacrifices that we face day to day seem small and insignificant.  However, Jesus was obedient to the point of death because He knew it was God's will.  That obedience and sacrifice are the reason that we have the chance to go to Heaven one day.  Jesus saw the bigger picture.  We need to keep this in mind in our daily lives as well.

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